Multiplayer Browser Games

  • Ancient Realm
       135 reviews   
    With 1000's of online games, so many take you to the past. It is time for a change. Ancient Realm brings the past to the now. Like no other game on the market this FREE online game pulls you into a world of adventure like you have never experienced before. Whether your new to the world of online gaming or you consider yourself a guru, you have never experienced anything like Ancient Realm. Once you have chose from a variety of species each with their own unique abilities, Your welcomed into the city of Crystal Creek. Here you will begin earning a living by mining, farming or a variety of other ways. You will develope your charactor, building stats, through intense training or by using different potions and magical items. Also by purchasing weapons and armor that can be altered making them stronger and enableing you to reap special bonuses that help you in battles. As your charactor grows you will be able to challenge other players, or game monster which gain you experience and sometimes earning you gold or other items of usefulness if your able to beat them. Join a clan that will assist you in your needs offering gaming tips, protection and bring about a competitive spirit in you as you challenge each other to be the best while work together to dominate other clans in the game. Your not limited to just Crystal creek. As you move through the game, you will find other areas outside the city and other cities, that will offer new and exciting items and experiences. An adventure to behold, full of surprises and challenges, making friends and defeating enemies. If your competitive, looking for action, and a lot of fun. If FREE sounds like a reasonable price, for a game that is expanding on an daily bases. With new players joining daily, and continueing upgrades to the game, giving it a fresh, innovative and exciting look and feel. Now is the time to sign up. Begin the adventure you cannot walk away from. Step into another realm, the Ancient Realm!!!
  • Dig'n'Fight
       38 reviews   
    You are the online evil dungeon lord simulator. Here you can recruit , train and manage your creatures, you can make them dig for gold , or create an attack troop to steal golds from enemy dungeon keepers. Of course, you must create a defense troop to protect your dungeon from attacks by other enemy dungeon keepers!
  • Awakened Lands
       90 reviews is an online text-based role-playing game set in the near future. The world is much like today, with terrorists, gangs, and an over-zealous media. Large corporations control most of the worlds major industries, politicians are not so much voted for as they are owned, and interest-groups lobby to enact laws to their benefit.
  • Evony
       35 reviews   
    Evony is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS). Civony is distinct from other games of its kind by its well-built quest system and emphasis on tactics. Players complete quests, and deploy his troops based on his own manipulation.
  • Battle Soldier
       96 reviews   
    Battle Soldier is a Free Role Play Game, sign up today and begin the experience of a life time, Train your way to the top and go on a killing spree. Mug for some cash and go it alone or join a platoon.
  • Dragon Knight
       183 reviews   
    Explore a mythical realm and fight horrible creatures in this fast and intuitive time-killer! It is an RPG-style game in which characters explore the map, fight monsters, gain experience and buy items, among other things.
  • EverWars
       35 reviews   
    In the world of Aganon, there is no good or evil. There is only survival! While once a prospering and peaceful world, Aganon is now a ravaged and lawless civilization. Death is common and resources are limited. It is you against everyone. Kill or be killed is the way of life. Earn respect! Become a leader!
  • Elyzeria
       31 reviews   
    Elyzeria is a vast medieval world where the darkness is slowly threatening peace. Battle against the enemy, play games, join contests, write stories, talk with other citizens, collect items, build your own fortune and gather rare treasures... Everything is possible in Elyzeria! Elyzeria is the world where fantasy and reality become one!
  • DownTown Mafia
       71 reviews   
    DownTown-Mafia is a online RPG game with many members, Go through the ranks with the help with others besides you. Making friends, killing others, making money is some of the things you can do whilst playing this hugely growing game.
  • Faery Tale Online
       38 reviews   
    Faery Tale Online is a totally free, Fantasy Persistent Browser-Based Role-Playing Game. Players can do just about anything he or she can imagine, within the scope of the game, and it is just about as open-ended as any game in existence. A player can gather wood from a forest or ore from a mine and then use the resources to build houses, furniture, weapons, armor, and much more.
  • Ferion
       31 reviews   
    Build your planetary empire and crush your enemies in the most complete strategy game available anywhere. Play Ferion for free in any standard browser without any download or installation. Ferion will fulfill your need for conquest and power!
  • Gladius 2
       22 reviews   
    Take a journey to the heart of ancient Rome: the Coliseum awaits! There, live opponents lurk, armed with their own blood lust and decked out in great-looking 3D graphics. Enter this browser world of battle where’s it’s quickly off to the arena to sharpen your blade and entrench yourself in fight after fight. This is where heroes are born!
  • Civil Decay
       137 reviews   
    Join Civil Decay today it's FREE!! In CD you can live peacefully or form a Militia and rule your city. Be a tyrant or hero the choices are yours to make. You are not playing against a computer but against the other residents of this virtual world.
  • AgeRaces
       15 reviews   
    The starting point of our game is in the 1930's when the first racing cars are born. Drive your character through 4 eras constantly improving his skills by winning races and tournaments, purchase the most performant parts, making your car a feared beast and its driver a racing legend.
  • Gladiatus
       60 reviews   
    Gladiatus is a continuously evolving massive online RPG game where you play as one of the many gladiators of Rome. There are many things to do in a world of Gladiatus. Explore ruins, camps and temples. Fight your way to become the number one gladiator in the arena and win huge amounts of gold. Do many quests with different difficulties. Sell and buy items through auction or market. Nobody’s equipment is the same as yours! Many different armors, weapons and equipment. Enchange your equipment with powders to boost your abilities!
  • Biocide City
       42 reviews   
    Biocide City is a browser-based role playing game. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment in the middle of the 27th Century, where players are the survivors of the catastrophe. The goal of Biocide City is to become the most influential player around by developing your combat abilities through training, and your bankroll through crimes, luck, and your own business acumen.
  • Moonbase
       15 reviews   
    Take the moon buggy rover for a spin on the surface of the moon in this multiplayer 3D Avatar Chat World. Adjust the gravity, try a rocket pack, and dance with friends from all around the moon!
  • Battle for the AllSpark
       23 reviews   
    Conquer and defend as many zones as possible. Each week, the team with the most wins in a zone will control that zone. The team that controls more than 50% of the zones will be in control of the Allspark, granting you exclusive access to content that is locked out for your opponents. Gain as many points as you can by winning battles in as few rounds while conserving as much power and energy as possible.
  • Dawn of Myth
       22 reviews   
    Fully free medieval online strategy game with 3 races(humans,deamons and dwarves). No addons needed, no flash, no java. - Take part of battles and become a legend.
  • Director of Rugby
       14 reviews   
    Director of Rugby is an online multiplayer game, played via your browser without the need for downloads. You’ll take on the role of DOR at a professional club of your choice and compete with other rugby fans from around the world. Your team will play one match per week in league and cup events that reflect real world competitions. You can join in at any point of the season and still get your year’s worth of game time.
  • Faunasphere
       12 reviews   
    Adventure waits in a mysterious, abandoned world, overrun with living pollution. Charming creatures known as Fauna have survived in this beautiful yet inhospitable environment. You can help them build a new, clean world for themselves: become a Caretaker!
  • Bitefight
       19 reviews   
    The struggle between Vampires and Werewolves has rampaged for centuries.It`s your destiny to decide this battle!
  • Estiah
       11 reviews   
    Estiah is a free browser-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It offers a rich game experience for both the novices and the RPG experts, especially for those who love World of Warcraft (WOW). No installation and no membership fee, you can start your epic journey right away in the fantasy world of Estiah.
  • Chaos Chapter
       12 reviews   
    Welcome to Chaos Chapter. This is a text based game where you can fight your fellow combatants, destroy the monsters that took over your hometown of Cyron, and eventually set out to explore new and unknown territories as you strive to become the world's strongest warrior. When you begin this game, you find yourself badly beaten and lost in the Dark Swamps..
  • Combat Grounds
       16 reviews   
    Combat Grounds is a free, strategic Game that you can play daily using only your web browser. You can choose to be a Navy seal, a Soldier or a Terrorist. The objective of the game is to dominate the battlefield and be on top at all times. The players are ranked according to their net worth. The net worth depends on the recruits, recruits' strength, money and weapons of the character. Combat Grounds is played in rounds of 10 days.
  • Fatal-Combat
       24 reviews   
    Many paths lie before you, which one will you take? Go under the radar or make a name for yourself right away? Scavenge the streets, deal drugs, attend classes, get a cover job, and make your way to the top of the pecking order. No matter what path you choose, the end goal is the same, be the most powerful crime lord and rule over the rest. Enter if you dare, but remember, watch your back and trust no one!
  • Assassinators
       3 reviews   
    Assassinators is a text based mafia game with many features. The aim of Assassinators is to be the best, reach the highest rank, be the richest, have the most kills and much much more, so the game doesn't stop. You start of as a lowlife rank. You can build your rank up buy commiting crimes like stealing cars, commiting petty thefts and intense Thefts for the higher ranks. For advanced ranking you can commit organised crimes in a group.
  • 5Manager
       7 reviews   
    stadium, staff, transfers, prepare your matchs, play against thousands other players, analyze your match action by action, and won the championship.
  • Call of the Kings
       7 reviews   
    The setting of the game is low fantasy in a medieval world where feudal Empires rule the continents. Magic is scarce and works in subtle ways. The normal inhabitant living in the kingdoms of Khadoria has never seen the art of spell weaving. Only the mightiest of heroes can warp and use the elements beyond normal understanding.
  • Sherwood Dungeon
       139 reviews   
    Defend your honor in combat and meet players from around the world in an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters and treasure.