Multiplayer Simulation Games

  • Dig'n'Fight
       38 reviews   
    You are the online evil dungeon lord simulator. Here you can recruit , train and manage your creatures, you can make them dig for gold , or create an attack troop to steal golds from enemy dungeon keepers. Of course, you must create a defense troop to protect your dungeon from attacks by other enemy dungeon keepers!
  • Director of Rugby
       14 reviews   
    Director of Rugby is an online multiplayer game, played via your browser without the need for downloads. You’ll take on the role of DOR at a professional club of your choice and compete with other rugby fans from around the world. Your team will play one match per week in league and cup events that reflect real world competitions. You can join in at any point of the season and still get your year’s worth of game time.
  • 5Manager
       7 reviews   
    stadium, staff, transfers, prepare your matchs, play against thousands other players, analyze your match action by action, and won the championship.
  • Fay


       0 reviews   
    Fairies...such beautiful creatures. From Nixes to Pooks to Pixies...all can be found at Fay. At Fay, you can raise, train and even battle your very own fairy. You may also have Spirit Guides to join you and enhance your journey.
  • CSManager
       0 reviews   
    CSM is a Counter-Strike manager game where you will be responsible for a whole team of CS players, staff members and weekly expenses and income.It is your job to find the perfect balance of your attention and make sure to be swift at discovering which part of your clan that needs to be worked on.
  • RockFREE
       0 reviews   
    In the game players will be able to create custom rocker avatars, open a rock club and battle against other people around the world. In the end it’s all about who rocks, who sucks and more importantly, who gets the coveted title of ROCKER GOD. This early sneak-peak will provide a taste of the music line-up to come, providing three licensed tracks; Iron Man, Fat Lip and Woman. Additionally there are more than 40 new songs being produced for this game.
  • Championship Manager Online
       3 reviews   
    CM-Online is the online multiplayer version of Eidos' hugely popular football manager game. With thousands of online players, CMO is the first choice for avid football fans eager to try out their skills against others in the most advanced manager game on the web.
  • BasketballZone
       0 reviews   
    BasketballZone is free online basketball manager. If you are interested in basketball and want to try your luck in the role of the manager of the virtual basketball club - you are welcome in the game. Moreover, here you will find lots of people who also can not live without basketball. It is enough to have access to the internet and even when you are at the farthest place of the world, you can manage your club. You can give important directions to your club on your mobile phone, too.
  • Planetarium Football Star
       94 reviews   
    FootStar (Planetarium Football Star) is a game where you are in control of a football player, trying to become the best player the planet has ever seen. You will be able to decide what club to join, set up training schemes, interact with your team mates, give interviews, adquire goods to increase your lifestlye and morale, amongst several other options, in order to become the best football player the world has ever seen!
  • eRepublik
       1 reviews   
    eRepublik is a massively multiple player online, social networking and strategy web browser game: a mirror version of the real world that allows you to follow your political, economic or military aspirations and change the course of history.
  • Imperia Online
       7 reviews   
    Imperia Online is a browser based massively multiplayer online medieval real-time war simulation game. It takes you into a world that exists right before the age of gunpowder. This is the world of the sharp blade, the long bow and the war horse. You play against real people – others like you! Welcome to a medieval world way beyond your wildest dreams!
  • F1TIME
       0 reviews   
    F1TIME is a free online Formula One management game,in which you control a small team trying to make it to the top against players from all over the world.Working from your virtual office you are able to design,repair and setup your racecar,forge deals with both suppliers and sponsors,give tactical orders to your driver and decide on race strategies.You are also able to make contact with other players,form a team with another player and become part of a friendly game community.
  • Acrowars
       0 reviews   
    Acrowars is an acronym game: A random sequence of letters, an acronym, is shown to all players. The players must come up with a sentence from these letters. Players then vote for their favorite sentence, and the player with the most votes after 10 rounds wins the game.
  • DeepRoute
       0 reviews is the most comprehensive, realistic multi-player professional football simulation game available anywhere! Owners can : Set your lineups and packages; Negotiate with free agents; Overcome injuries; Trade with other teams; Set playbooks and have your team play to your preferences..and a LOT more.
  • BittyBay
       0 reviews   
    BittyBay is an online, virtual, multiplayer animal kingdom where you can meet new friends, play games, collect items and avatars, create your own personal space and loads more! If you like virtual chat, virtual pets, or just animals in general, then this is the place for you!
  • Cool Camels
       48 reviews   
    Anyone can be a member who wants to have a custom-made camel. Such a camel can be extremely practical! You can train your camel to do a great number of tricks, e.g. water-cycling. If you train your camel to do something, it will do it for you any time you want it to and some of these skills even involve you in the game!
  • Deckagon
       1 reviews   
    Deckagon is the world's greatest Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts Management Game! If you're into management or strategy games, or you're a Mixed Martial Arts fan, this is the place to be! By signing up for a Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game account, you'll get to participate in an active MMA community, pit your wits against fantasy MMA Management game strategists from all over the globe, and even read fantasy Mixed Martial Arts fight reports in real time!
  • Planetarium Manager
       87 reviews   
    Planetarium Manager is a free online football management game. You’re a football manager in control of your own team, competing in a fantasy league against other human managers or computer-controlled teams (bots). The game never ends and never stops. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Battrick
       0 reviews   
    Battrick is a free online cricket management game in which you compete against teams managed by other users from all over the world. You have complete control over your club, from ground preparation to team selection, from finances to coaching, and from buying and selling players to hiring and firing backroom staff.With trials and tribulations lying ahead in one day league, first class league and cup competitions, can you make your club the best there is?
  • Ballersunited
       0 reviews   
    Ballersunited, the online basketball manager of a new generation of browsergames. Be part of it and register today for free and lead your team to the playoffs!
  • Drug Pusher
       9 reviews   
    The aim of the game drugpusher is to travel around the world and deal with drugs.It is full of pictures and features as well as vehicles and weapons. E.g (Ferrari,Zeppelin,Boing,Jet etc.).The player is not only a drug trafficker he can also pimp to get alternative income.
  • Tycoon Online
       0 reviews   
    Tycoon Online is a web based business game. Tycoon Online aims to create a virtual business environment where each player owns and run his or her own company. System requirements are low, and the prerequisite the same for all players.
  • Speedcars
       0 reviews   
    Take over the steering wheel and manage the important decisions of your racing team. Manipulate the configuration of your vehicle, the race training, insurance, personnel and merchandising. You can manage all of this thanks to a real time game copulation, based in Flash.
  • Court Rivals
       1 reviews   
    Court Rivals is a new type of fantasy sport where YOU assume the role of the player in a simulated basketball league: Train your player's skills and improve his game; Join a team with friends or create your own team; Challenge other teams owned by real people like you around the world; Win individual awards or a championship banner.
  • BasketStars
       0 reviews   
    Do you want to emulate the NBA franchises' General Managers? BasketStars is a free basket simulator, in this game you will have the total control of a basketball Franchise, you will be able to manage the line-up, roster, staff and rookie recruitment and you will be able to take decisions on merchandasing, arena (seats) and catering, indeed; and all of these will be, playing against people of rest of the world.
  • All Out War
       0 reviews   
    This is a government simulation game where you will build your island's population, control your military, construct buildings and much more! You can buy low and sell high on the market, create trade agreements, peace treaties or even declarations of war! Research technologies to further develop your island, trade goods with other islands and so much more!!!
  • Fast and Furious FIG
       18 reviews   
    Many paths lie before you, which one will you take? Go under the radar or make a name for yourself right away? Scavenge the streets, deal drugs, attend classes, get a cover job, and make your way to the top of the pecking order. No matter what path you choose, the end goal is the same, be the most powerful crime lord and rule over the rest. Enter if you dare, but remember, watch your back and trust no one!
  • Mafia1930
       1 reviews   
    We welcome you to our little club, a corrupt and ruthless Mafia world where we have but one rule: break the law! From now on, your future is in your own hands. Will you achieve power, money, and prestige? Build up your district, smuggle illegal goods to improve your account balance, get rid of anyone who gets in your way, and equip yourself and your forces to become the biggest Mafia boss of all time!
  • EHockey
       0 reviews   
    eHockey eHockey is a free web based strategy game, played by thousands of users. Build up a team and help your country to win the World Cup.
  • Fame4u
       0 reviews   
    Fame4u is about becoming a real superstar but before being the most famous person in your city its a long and rocky way: Get the coolest clothes, celebrate the most legendary parties but dont forget to earn enough money to bankroll your ascension!