Multiplayer Strategy Games

  • Evony
       36 reviews   
    Evony is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS). Civony is distinct from other games of its kind by its well-built quest system and emphasis on tactics. Players complete quests, and deploy his troops based on his own manipulation.
  • Ferion
       31 reviews   
    Build your planetary empire and crush your enemies in the most complete strategy game available anywhere. Play Ferion for free in any standard browser without any download or installation. Ferion will fulfill your need for conquest and power!
  • Dawn of Myth
       22 reviews   
    Fully free medieval online strategy game with 3 races(humans,deamons and dwarves). No addons needed, no flash, no java. - Take part of battles and become a legend.
  • Combat Grounds
       16 reviews   
    Combat Grounds is a free, strategic Game that you can play daily using only your web browser. You can choose to be a Navy seal, a Soldier or a Terrorist. The objective of the game is to dominate the battlefield and be on top at all times. The players are ranked according to their net worth. The net worth depends on the recruits, recruits' strength, money and weapons of the character. Combat Grounds is played in rounds of 10 days.
  • Elder Ages
       5 reviews   
    Take a step back into times forgotten when warriors ruled the lands. Build yourself a formidable army and conquer all who stand in your path to total domination. Choose from elves, dwarves, trolls, orcs, goblins, centaurs, minotaurs, and ogres. Many items are available as well!
  • Battle Bubes
       0 reviews   
    Battle Bubes is a brand new browser based FREE multi-player game. Make sure you read the directions before signing up...and tell your friends.
  • CS Galaxies
       0 reviews   
    CS Galaxies is a game about Power, Factions and most of all Survival. There are many Pirates and Bounty Hunters in this Galaxy and the best way to survive as a Newbie is to join a Faction.
  • Chivalry
       0 reviews   
    Help your Faction or Guild dominate the map and take over. You'll spend turns building up your defenses and military, searching the country side with your rogues, mingling at court for your rulers favor, and so on... And then because their are so many different games and worlds to experience, you'll always have a new domain to conquer.
  • Orion’s Belt
       0 reviews   
    Orion's Belt is an 2D online browser based game. You play as an emperor that start on a small Private Zone on the Universe. You have five Planets to Colonize before using a WormHole to Travel to the Hot Zone and interact with other players. On your Planets you will be able to build Facilities and Combat Units. Later on you will be able to join those Combat Units on a Fleet and Travel on Universe, making friends and enemies as you play along. When you engage war, you will have your battles played on a Game Board. That's the most fun part of the game!
  • Pirate 4×4 The game
       285 reviews   
    Pirate 4×4 The game is modeled after the well known Four wheel drive site Pirate4× You can wheel a custom rig building it to do competitions as you go and also have personals items for attacking other players.
  • Deitonus
       0 reviews   
    Welcome to Deitonus. Deitonus is a free MMO based upon the living embodiments of the elements, who worship their very source. Each race strives for survival. Can you rule the cosmos?
  • DroidArena 3
       1 reviews   
    Ever wished to create your own robot, send it to battle and see it fight according to your program? Featuring a simple yet powerful script language, true 3D fight movies generated each time you fight, experience levels, espionage, research, and more...
  • Khan Wars
       1 reviews   
    Replay history in Khan Wars, and choose one of nine unique nations. The game offers complex real-time strategy with 16 battle and siege units, 9 unique units, buildings, skills and many other game elements. Compete against thousands of players from around the world and become a great ruler of your nation!
  • Bio Nightmare
       7 reviews   
    Welcome to Bio Nightmare, a multiplayer game where survival is the goal. Slay zombies, grow your empire, build alliances with other players, and squash your opposition to rise to the top. Prizes are given at the end of each round.
  • Advance Wars
       0 reviews   
    This website enables people to play Advance Wars online over the web. There is nothing you have to download. Everything happens within the browser and is mostly point and click.Advance Wars is a turn-based strategy game created by Intelligent Systems and distributed by Nintendo. You command an army of land, sea and air units which do battle against your opponent.
  • Pitstopboss
       0 reviews   
    Pitstopboss puts you right on the pit wall, with access to live feed from the track and gives you the opportunity to alter race strategy as you see fit. You have control over car development, setup & race day strategy as you pit your management skills against thousands of others online. Race against other managers online in this free Formula one simulation game. Combining instant fun and enjoyment for the formula one novice and the formula one veteran. Sign up for a beta test place now!
  • Cyber-Wars
       0 reviews   
    Welcome to the best free online game. The year is 2020. All civilization has gone under. There is now a raging war between the Net Guards and Hackers, good and evil. It's up to you to take a side, and fight for what you think is right. Riches, fame, and power await you.Can you handle it?
  • Days of War
       0 reviews   
    The year is 1946 and World War II rages on. Attempts by the Axis and Allied powers to complete the first atomic bomb have failed miserably and the alliances forged between these great nations have come to an end. Greed and territorial disputes have caused the Axis and Allied powers to sever their non-aggression pacts and declare war on one another.
  • Broken Metal
       0 reviews   
    A great futuristic turn based strategy game that covers every imaginable aspect of flying a ship in outer space. It is a great game to play whether you spend a few minutes every day or a few hours every day battling lonely rogues for the parts they stole from you the day before, flying from planet to planet trying to get the parts needed to get rid of a ship that has been tailing you for a week or just building an impenetrable space station that supplies everybody in the galaxy.
  • ArchBattle
       0 reviews   
    Welcome to ArchBattle! Your task is to take charge of one of six ancient races and battle to the finish. Build up your army to defend your base to pillage and plunder others. Mine for gold, then purchase a range of weapons and armour to help lead an assault on an enemy.
  • Fields of Glory Online
       4 reviews   
    Play Free Online War Games directly from your browser, no download or installation needed, just click "Instant Action" and play, but for full game experience, register for free. Create war tanks from different parts, upgrade them, assign drivers. Develop new abilities to your drivers: Reaction, Accuracy, Survivability. Lead your army against other players or bots, on realistic real time battles. Also ability to observe other players in war.
  • Desert Blitz
       1 reviews   
    Proof your leadership-skills as commander in chif of your troops in Rakistan. Use different tactical opportunities to defeat your enemies and to capture the world`s last oil resources. Desert Blitz takes place in the future. The world`s economy broke down and the leading industrial countries were not succeeding in providing alternative energies early enough.
  • BeBees
       1 reviews   
    BeBees is a Bee Browsergame for roll and strategy game players. BeBees is an Online Game can be played straight in your browser and is the best place to play for free with thousends of other gamers. Build up and extend your own hive and bee colony. Depend on your strategy interact with other players or aim at your opponent’s hive, strengthen your weakest bees and then start a battle!
  • 1100AD
       1 reviews   
    1100AD- new free massive online multiplayer medieval strategy game. Control your land, cause horror on enemies, feel yourself as a mighty king!
  • Dolumar
       2 reviews   
    Dolumar is a PBBG, a persistent browser based game. Create your own powerful kingdom in this vast, colorful, and fully explorable virtual World! You will be entrusted with a small village, albeit with huge potential. From the moment you are given this tiny piece of land, you are on your own! It will be tough from the get-go. The resources will be scarce, your enemies will be ruthless as they try to take you down, but never fear!
  • A1 Mafia
       0 reviews   
    A game were tactics, skills and respect mean everything. Create your own family and attempt to by-pass your enemies, or maybe you want to join an excisting family and work your way to becoming The Godfather. Anything is possible at A1 Mafia, the key is taking advantage of the chances you gain.
  • Warrior Legends
       0 reviews   
    Warrior Legends is a free real time strategy(RTS) browser game set in the Middle Ages. You are the lord of a city as you are born in a country and you will play with thousands of real players. You can select your birthplace in three countries—-Gallia, Lllyrium and Germania. In the world of WL online, your mission is to develop your nation and go in for expansion and finally rejuvenate the civilization of the Middle Ages. To complete your mission, you have to gather crop, lumber and iron which can be used to construct infrastructure, explore technology and recruit troops.
  • Astro Wars
       2 reviews   
    Astro Wars is a Free Multiplayer Space Strategy Game. After registration you start at the edge of the galaxy. Now you can build up, colonize and take over planets in competition with thousands of players from all over the world!
  • Deadly Hitman
       2 reviews   
    Deadly Hitman is aunique multiplayer game, with no downloads, no spyware, just plain excitment. The game revolves around the life of a hitman, taking hostages, collecting ransoms and building a racket of protection, from bodyguards to thugs. Join a family, become stronger, become the Deadliest Hitman! With 4 cash jackpots available, what have you got to lose?
  • Fantasy Lords
       0 reviews   
    You have entered the world of Fantasy Lords, a totally free online fantasy war game. Fantasy Lords is played right through your browser window, no other software is necessary. Join today and compete with other players for total dominance, help your kingdom grow, make your people prosper. Read read the rules, take the tutorial, and get involved in one of the most fun experiences on the internet!