Multiplayer Virtual World

  • Elyzeria
       31 reviews   
    Elyzeria is a vast medieval world where the darkness is slowly threatening peace. Battle against the enemy, play games, join contests, write stories, talk with other citizens, collect items, build your own fortune and gather rare treasures... Everything is possible in Elyzeria! Elyzeria is the world where fantasy and reality become one!
  • Moonbase
       15 reviews   
    Take the moon buggy rover for a spin on the surface of the moon in this multiplayer 3D Avatar Chat World. Adjust the gravity, try a rocket pack, and dance with friends from all around the moon!
  • Sherwood Dungeon
       139 reviews   
    Defend your honor in combat and meet players from around the world in an infinitely deep dungeon filled with monsters and treasure.
  • DigiPetz
       2 reviews   
    Digi-Petz is a rapidly growing and enjoyable virtual pet site community for all ages as well as a Persistent Browser-Based Game (PBBG) Raise your very own virtual petz, in the lands of Digi-World! Play free online games, visit over 6 virtual lands full of fun and enjoyable activities as well as virtual shops where you can purchase items for your petz! Train your petz to battle in the Battle Arena to earn experience pointz and fun virtual prizes.
  • Marian's World
       6 reviews   
    Customize your own character, go for a drive, and explore the island. You can chat with people from around the world, do a little smash-up derby, and dance with your friends in this new persistent 3D world. Aloha!
  • AdoptMe
       4 reviews   
    Choose from a variety of pets to adopt and name them. Once your pet is adopted, you are taken to the street view. From here you can pretty much go anywhere. Adopt pets with a virtual life!
  • Driving Kids
       14 reviews   
    The Driving Kids is a free to play educative massively multiplier online (MMO) environment for preschool and early-school kids. It is based on a highly successful series of edutainment games popular around the world - games that help kids in memory training and problem solving, develop creative thinking and logic, improve maths and other skills.
  • Mojo Drift
       1 reviews   
    The only underwater racing game on the planet. Outsmart your opponents, use funny items and win that Mojo Cup. In this underwater game you have to race against other characters in different environments. Every level has its own difficulties and options. The trick is to push the others from the track or throw things against their heads. The problem is that the other characters will try to do the same with you! You control your character with the arrow keys and two additional keys for turbo and throwing things.
  • Club Marian
       106 reviews   
    Welcome to Club Marian, a massive multiplayer social hangout where users from around the world can chat, dance, drive and create music in a fun 3d environment. Club Marian features three islands to explore, a cool music maker, emotes, customizable avatars and a sports car to drive.
  • SocioTown
       3 reviews   
    SocioTown is a 100% web-based 3D Social MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). It’s playable in a browser with no downloadable client required. It utilizes Adobe’s Shockwave Player, which most browsers already have installed. SocioTown is one of the biggest and most sophisticated browser-based 3D virtual worlds to date. Players can enjoy a fully immersive and persistent 3D environment. Player data is stored in database servers, so users can play anywhere from home, work, or school without skipping a beat.
  • Cube-Gardens of Zen
       1 reviews   
    Solve challenging six sided puzzles to guide the young hero Cub on his quest. Meet Sensei and his Cinjas and various mystical creatures who guide your way to ultimate wisdom. This is a magical journey through the four seasons of the cube world.
  • Berone
       0 reviews is a FREE economy driven game, putting users into a fantasy created world. Users will decide how to choose their path at achieving a common goal of fame and fortune. Players are able to create their own personal character, choosing their physical features. In game currency is very important, you can buy clothes, weapons, armor, food, and many more important items. Users have the ability to battle against each other in the Arena.
  • Alteil
       1 reviews   
    Alteil is a story-driven online card dueling game with art by Japan's most talented fantasy artists!The game launched in Japan four years ago, and is now firmly established as the number one online card game in the country. Since then Alteil has spread worldwide with several international launches.
  • PonyIsland
       1 reviews   
    PonyIsland is a unique virtual pony pet game. In this magical world of PonyGaming and Community life you’re able to have your very own Island full of ponies! In PonyIsland you can raise ponies, breed ponies, sell and buy ponies, train them to increase their attributes, and compete with them.
  • Globulos
       0 reviews   
    Globulos is a multiplayer game where you can play various games: football, darts and many more! Globulos is a simple, shuffleboard-inspired multiplayer minigame collections. Players create and customize little spherical critters that are used for all the games. The ‘one way to play’ of which the game is so proud, is: when the turn begins, you click your globs(?) and drag the arrow out to choose which direction and how far it should go in. Then, when the arrow at the top is full, your decisions will play out on the board.
  • Switchln
       5 reviews   
    Join SwitchIn where you can create a unique character and design your own room! Chat with people and make friends. Join the different worlds and rooms and socialize!
  • MyDivaDoll
       2 reviews   
    MyDivaDoll is a fun game of fashion and design. In this game you create your DivaDoll, Train her for a cool dream job in fashion or entertainment, Shop for the latest look, decorate her Condo, and help her Flirt with good looking guys! MyDivaDoll is free to play. MyDivaDoll is a great place to meet new friends! You can Gossip about everything, but nothing. An IRC and a Gossip Board are available in the Top Menu under "Community".
  • Birdz World
       8 reviews   
    Birdz World is a unique virtual world where you can be a bird and fly over tall skyscrapers of the cities! Take a birds-eye view and discover the vast playground, while gathering coins and other special items for points! You can play together with friends and express yourself with chat and funny icons.
  • DiveIn 3D Chat MMO!
       288 reviews   
    You can swim around as a mermaid, dolphin, shark, seahorse and clownfish! Give it a try and enjoy! Enjoy the Coral Reef location or the Ocean Floor where you can swim really fast! Explore the hidden caves and meet some new friends online at DiveIn Chat MMO!
  • CaesarsQuiz
       0 reviews   
    The setting of the game is low fantasy in a medieval world where feudal Empires rule the continents. Magic is scarce and works in subtle ways. The normal inhabitant living in the kingdoms of Khadoria has never seen the art of spell weaving. Only the mightiest of heroes can warp and use the elements beyond normal understanding.
  • Fantage
       29 reviews is a next generation community site for young computer users. We are committed to providing users with a safe and pleasant environment. Our users enjoy never-before-seen beautiful virtual worlds filled with exiting features and games. Cute avatars wearing distinctive hair styles and customs float around 3D like scrolling worlds. You don’t need to waddle any more in the fantastic age. You will be flying through thin air with you breakthrough vehicle called a “rocket board”.
  • Escapevector
       0 reviews   
    Escape Vector pits you as Earth's finest pilot, on a mission to reclaim stolen technology. Forget thieving aliens, though: your greatest enemy is gravity, and the twisty caverns they've hidden our property in. You'll have to carefully navigate each level, dodge and destroy alien defences and locate your prize...and that's the easy bit! Then you've got to fly back to the surface without crashing your ship or destroying our tech.
  • Endeavor
       2 reviews   
    Upon faraway lands was the kingdom of Dea, extending upon luscious, open meadows and fields. Extraordinary towers, to the left were a shade of amber-scarlet which represented dawn, and to the right was tinted with lavender-indigo which stood for dusk, overlooked the community. The inhabitants believed that astronomy, astrology, and the times of the day played a very important role. The creatures there were unique ones, which aided them greatly.
  • Dizzywood
       6 reviews   
    Dizzywood is a fun game for kids. There are all kinds of imaginative places to explore, fun Dizzywood secrets and stories to discover, and fun games to play, including puzzles, arcade games, dress up games, and much more. Dizzywood is safe for kids and free to play.
  • Ederon
       3 reviews   
    Ederon is a multiplayer online collectible card game that you can play from any browser over the internet. Manage your deck, buy boosters, trade cards, go to tournaments and level up in this incredible online world!
  • Crazy Crystals
       0 reviews   
    Crazy Crystals is a puzzle game in which you have to collect every crystal in each level. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, like all good puzzle games it starts out relatively easy, but later levels get fiendishly difficult. Falling rocks will be the least of your problems as you'll also be contending with bombs, spiders, bouncy balls, sticky balls, lasers, mirrors and some of the most twisted levels ever devised.
  • Daemornia: Battlegrounds Online
       0 reviews   
    Daemornia: Battlegrounds Online is a massively multiplayer browser-based strategy card battle game of skirmishes between rival armies. It takes place using a series of cards depicting creatures, scenarios, equipment, skills, events and more. It is played between two or more players using a deck of 40 cards each and requires a degree of tactical thinking in selecting the right force.
  • Club Penguin
       3 reviews   
    Elite Penguin Force will introduce kids to all new adventures in the Club Penguin world, giving players a chance to complete secret agent missions, solve mysteries and connect with friends in new ways. The game allows players to take on the role of a covert agent in the Elite Penguin Force. Players embark on missions utilizing familiar and all-new gadgets, accessories, vehicles and locations to investigate mysterious events in the Club Penguin world.
  • ChibiPaws
       2 reviews   
    Welcome to! We are a virtual pet site where you can adopt virtual pets and interact with our users within our community-interface as well as chat with a ton of different users around the globe that love creating virtual pets like you do! So, what are you waiting for? Join up to play games, explore our worlds, shop, and have fun!
  • Bouncedown
       0 reviews   
    A neverending series of platforms rise from the furnace below to the spikes above. Bounce too high and you'll burst on the spikes; miss a platform and you could fall into the furnace. How far will you be able to Bouncedown? Up to three players can compete in this fiendish, platform-filled game.