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Ancient Realm

by www.ancient-realm.net

With 1000's of online games, so many take you to the past. It is time for a change. Ancient Realm brings the past to the now. Like no other game on the market this FREE online game pulls you into a world of adventure like you have never experienced before. Whether your new to the world of online gaming or you consider yourself a guru, you have never experienced anything like Ancient Realm.

Once you have chose from a variety of species each with their own unique abilities, Your welcomed into the city of Crystal Creek. Here you will begin earning a living by mining, farming or a variety of other ways. You will develope your charactor, building stats, through intense training or by using different potions and magical items. Also by purchasing weapons and armor that can be altered making them stronger and enableing you to reap special bonuses that help you in battles.

As your charactor grows you will be able to challenge other players, or game monster which gain you experience and sometimes earning you gold or other items of usefulness if your able to beat them.

Join a clan that will assist you in your needs offering gaming tips, protection and bring about a competitive spirit in you as you challenge each other to be the best while work together to dominate other clans in the game.

Your not limited to just Crystal creek. As you move through the game, you will find other areas outside the city and other cities, that will offer new and exciting items and experiences.

An adventure to behold, full of surprises and challenges, making friends and defeating enemies. If your competitive, looking for action, and a lot of fun. If FREE sounds like a reasonable price, for a game that is expanding on an daily bases. With new players joining daily, and continueing upgrades to the game, giving it a fresh, innovative and exciting look and feel. Now is the time to sign up. Begin the adventure you cannot walk away from. Step into another realm, the Ancient Realm!!!